Focusing on the Content

Barefoot Investor Website (2015)

The Barefoot Investor website is the company's main resource for onboarding new customers. After many discussions, our team has decided to design the website to make it less focused on sales and more focused on the content.

Photography was a big part of the new design. We discussed the tone and feeling of the photos that we're going to use and came up with an internal guideline. Many tests show that blog posts with images perform better than ones without, so we decided to use images in every article. Thus, the new website design was inevitably going to be image-heavy, and my job was to make it less overwhelming with the many images as well as to ensure that it felt clean and organised.

Image Optimization for Performace

Another important indicator for the new design was the site performance. The old website was very slow, and the loading speed of a website is very important, not only because people leave if the website doesn't load in two seconds, but it also matters for the SEO.

To achieve the goal of improving the site's speed drastically, I focused on image optimization on many levels. The featured images are optimized based on the size limitation guideline, and on the Wordpress level, the theme is designed to crop the images to create different sizes. Furthermore, I found that people generally don't feel the difference between retina-ready and non-retina-ready images in a photo by running a test with my colleagues. Therefore, I decided to use retina-ready images only for the interfaces, and other images are in 72dpi.

Despite the number of images on the home page, the total loading size is always under 1MB.