Providing Financial Information

Barefoot Blueprint Website (2015)

Blueprint is a premium membership service of Barefoot Investor. Members get financial contents in many types of digital medium, thus the website is a core part of the service. The website had many issues when I was starting work here. Members had to login several times to access all the pages, and the most important information wasn't at the front page, which made website look as though it was not updating. Also, the forum interface was complicated, because it had too many features that only a few heavy users accessed.

Re-building and re-designing the Blueprint website was the largest project since the re-branding project. I was basically working by myself through the whole project, except the CMS related parts on Infusionsoft.

The structure of the website had a serious problem, which caused the multiple logins issue, so only replacing the theme wasn't an option. It has to be started over with new Wordpress setup and also the new theme. I choose Underscores starter theme to build the new theme on. And choose Memberium to create membership levels and use the Infusionsoft integrated features.

Note: Confidential information in the screenshots is replaced by random text.

Responsive Navigation

Much research has shown that people barely touch the menu button (aka. Hamburger menu). But I've seen many websites that use a hamburger menu even when it's not necessary. My purpose of the navigation design for this website was to show the full menu when possible, but not on mobile devices.

Mobile Layout

Unlike other websites, the Blueprint website still has more traffic from the desktop than mobiles. Probably this is because the content we're providing requires a relatively longer time to consume. However, the percentage of mobile traffic is definitely increasing, so the mobile responsiveness of the website was very important. Many considerations and tests were required to provide the same information on mobile and the desktop, and keep it simple to use at the same time.

Note: The Blueprint website is only accessible for the premium members, so please contact me via email if you want to check the actual website.