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Zigzag App (2015)

Zigzag is a meta fashion shopping mall app for young female users in South Korea. It was my final project at Croquis, the startup I worked for years as a lead designer.

Start small

The initial plan was basically to build a mobile app that help users to navigate different fashion shopping malls and items more easily, then gradually improve personalisation based on their usage data. However, the biggest issue was that none of us in the team was familiar with the market or even interested in it. Therefore, the assumptions that we had were useless, and that lead us to build a very small app, to see the users' behaviour and find out their needs.

The first version of Zigzag was basically an app in which users can make a list of their favourite shopping malls. We uploaded it onto the Google Play Store and started getting feedback, so we were able to gradually enhance our understanding of the market and the users.

Sketch and Framer

Zigzag was the first project that I didn't use a single Adobe software for designing and prototyping. Although, Skech had less features and more bugs at that time, it was already a better tool than Photoshop for app design purpose. Developers also loved it and we were able to completely got rid of UI specification documents.

For transitions and animations in interface, I used to use After Effects to create a mockup animation, with a pdf document for specific time codes. Which was not only painful and time-consuming projects for me, but also for the developers who had to interpret it into the code. Framer has changed this process completely. It was much more efficient and easy to create an interactive prototype with it, and the developers can see the actual code to figure out the movements easily.

Xcode for Watch App prototype

After I've done some research on how to make Apple Watch app prototype, I found out that Xcode is the best tool to achive that goal, also the prototyping part of Xcode isn't too difficult for a designer to learn. I had this bias that Xcode is only for coding, thus there's going to be a serious learning curve to do anything with it. However, the interface was very intuitive, and coding wasn't necessary to build a simple prototype for Watch App. I'd definitely recommend this way for any designer who wants to build an Watch App prototype.

The logo

Zigzag's logo design is definitely one of my favourite logo works so far. The different feeling between the logos with different languages has been alwyas an issue. This time, I found that the word Zigzag and 지그재그 has some similarity in the visual shape and the length. So I tried to find a font that I can use for English, also can be converted to Korean word with some tweaks. After trying with many different fonts, I've decided to use A** font for the logo, and it worked perfectly.

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