Hyungtak Lee

Seoul, Republic of Korea

I am an undergraduate research assistant at Kwangwoon University.
I am honored to be advised by Prof. Kwangsue Chung.



Robust Data Augmentation Generative Adversarial Network for Object Detection
Hyungtak Lee, Seongju Kang, and Kwangsue Chung.
Sensors, Dec 2022 (SCIE, IF: 3.847)

Object Detection with Dataset Augmentation for Fire Images Based on GAN
Hyungtak Lee, Seongju Kang, and Kwangsue Chung.
13th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC), Oct 2022

Object Detection Dataset Generation Framework using GAN
Hyungtak Lee, Seongju Kang, Jaegi Hwang and Kwangsue Chung.
Korea Computer Congress (KCC), Jun 2022

IoT Collaboration System Based on Edge Computing for Smart Livestock System
Chi-Hyun Ahn, Hyungtak Lee, and Kwangsue Chung.
Journal of the Korea Institute of Information and Communication Engineering (JKIICE), Feb 2022 dsdfadfad